بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

About Islam

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful


Masjid Ibaadurahman offers avenues for Muslims in the community to worship Allah (Subhana wa ta’ala) and peacefully coexist with people of other religious beliefs based on mutual respect. We believe in Oneness of God, as it written in The Holy Qur’an. We are committed to Islamic doctrine as it was established on the teachings of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

Quranic Resources 

  1. Quran translation
  2. An annotated linguistic resource that shows the Arabic grammar, syntax, and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran

Resources on the Sunnah  – example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

  1. The Sealed Nectar – book on the biography of the Prophet
  2. Riyad us Saleheen – A comprehensive list of says of the Prophet

Books on Islam

  1. Muhammad – Mercy to Humanity – GainPeace – Saheeh International
  2. Top 50 Questions about Islam – Obtain from the store
  3. New Muslim Guide –
  4. Islam: Beliefs, Practices, and History – Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari.
  5. Women’s Ideal Liberation – Rukaiyah Hill Abdulsalam
  6. The Cross & the Crescent – Jerald F. Dirks
  7. Gender Equality in Islam – Jamal Badawi

List of Mosques – This is a comprehensive list of Masajid in your area. Type in your zip code in the search to obtain the list of Masajid closest to you.


Islamic Apps

  1. iQuran – multiple translations, transliterations, reciters, memorizing, good interface
  2. myQuran – word for word meaning, commentary, root words, etc.
  3. Muslim Pro – Prayer timings, prayer direction, daily call for prayers, Quran with audio and translation, halal restaurants, daily supplication, Islamic calendar and live from Makkah.
  4. Daily Duas for kids Muslim dua – a good app for kids to memorize and remember supplications – has Arabic, translation, and audio.

Glossary of Islamic Terms

About Essential

Pillars of Islam

  • Shahadah
  • Salah
  • Sawm
  • Zakat
  • Hajj

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